September, 2021

Maverick Magazine (UK)

July, 2021

Yonder Boys are weaving intriguing new trails into tradition and bringing it kicking and screaming into 2021.” 

-Alan Cackett

April 2, 2021

…a completely unexpected, improbable and captivating work. Spectacular roots music.” 

-Glitterhouse Records

February 15, 2021

Acid Folk breaks through the walls of genre, convention and predictability taking you on a wild ride you don’t want to get off” 

Folk Radio UK

Oktober 2, 2020

“Fantastic album…some great songs” – Abendzeitung

September 25, 2020

“Traditional folk and bluegrass presented in a timeless and sonically fresh and suprising way…Acid Folk is a real pearl…18/20″ 


September 17, 2020

“Many a musical suprise…compliments gentlemen!” 

Classic Rock Magazine


September 4, 2020

“A wonderfully incisive brand of urban folk…8/10” 

Stereoplay Magazine

The very first review of Acid Folk has come in!  Here are some highlights for those of you who don’t speak German:

– Yonder Boys is “glocal” ! … “bringing the world into the village”  (Hmmm… anyone with a better translation?)

– sound is “somewhere between the Punch Brothers and The Dead South” (we’ll take that!)

– Yonder Boys “write and play a wonderfully incisive brand of urban folk which captures the ‘glocal’ quality of the strangely hybrid times we live in with musical humor” (again, a better translation here is probably needed)

Thank you Stereoplay!