Acid Folk (LP)

Available in vinyl, CD and on all digital platforms
from May 1, 2020

Side A
Run Rabbit  – House Carpenter – Mumma’s Boy –
Eagle Song – New Bohemians

Side B
The Great American Pussy Grab – Look at What You’ve Done –
High on a Mountain – Mosey on Down – il Pesce Spada

Yonder Boys Debut EP

Available now on all digital platforms

Yonder Boys (EP)

2018 Blue Whale Recordings

1. Cherrry Brown
2. Alligator Skin
3. The Throne You Should Be Sitting On
4. Train Tracks
5. Mary Bell

David Stewart Ingleton: banjo, vocals
Jason Serious: guitar, vocals
Matthias Itzenplitz: mandolin, guitar
Tomás Peralta: bass, vocals, lap steel, mandolin, drums
Produced, mixed and mastered by Tomás Peralta at Blue Whale Recordings 2017